Reduce your Support Tickets by 80% – Web Bot Demo – HRmonise App

Welcome to another video of our Web Sales Bot!

This time we’ll show you how our Bot can help your App’s Onboarding process, In this case we did it for a HR app called HRmonise

Let’s see what problems we wanted to solve from the Onboarding process of this app:

– Users were not reading the manual and asking for training
– They were asking a lot of questions and forgetting the training.
– As a company they were spending more time than wanted on these issues

To conclude we’d like to give you the measurable results HRmonise was able to experience after installing our bot in their App:

– 80% decreased of support tickets
– Reduce training efforts and budget
– We continually update the bot based on users feedback.

We’ve used the bot for the onboarding process of our HR App and we don’t have to worry about individually training our users anymore, couldn’t be happier.”

Ann Underhill – HRmonise

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