Get the most out of the web assets that you have spent a large amount of time and money on

Lead Screening

Leave the task of pre-qualifying your website leads to our bot, so you can focus on turning them into users .. 


It is the multilingual agent your teams needs. So language, is no longer an excuse to discard potential clients 


It helps explaining complex applications. Make the training process for your users 100% virtual and interactive

Selling 24/7

Sell your service/product anytime. Our bot can perform at every hour of the day, with no limits of performances at a time.  

Best idea I’ve seen so far!

We had tried a couple of things before, but the bot really made it easier for us. Really congrats to the monyta team, great product!
Terry Bagley

What value brings our Sales Bot to your business?

Whether you want to implement it for 100% selling purposes or for your users’ onboarding process, it’s a win-win for you

Why use our Sales Bots?

Our Sales Bot allows your customers to interact with the website in a different way.
It provides a natural & live conversation while it is profiling your customer. The best part is, it never sleeps.
Each customer will have a unique and a guided experience through your website.