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What we do

Sales bots for your site that lead prospects through a process to achieve sales and revenue goals. Where chat bots meets sales!

How we work with you?

Monyta Sales Bot is both a technology and an experiment. If you are looking to get a solution, that does not exist in the market, and get an edge which never existed. Join us on our journey!

Want to hear more about our Bots?

Watch our explainer video to get a better understanding on how our Sales Bot can be part of your sales team and turn your website visitors into potential clients

Simple Script Configuration

Our simple UI is design so that anyone with no technical skill can set up sales scripts

Channel Selector

Use voice or chat channels to reach your client, with simple integration

Automated Prospecting And Scale

Provide a feed in a channel, from people to phone numbers and let the bot learn and sell for you

Check testimonials from our satisfied clients

Nicole Rodekurh
Nicole Rodekurh

We have the Monyta web sales bot on our real estate platform. It has freed up our agents from chasing initial meetings to working with already engaged customers vs. and our conversion is improving. When you think you are truly engaging with a live demo – WOW!

James Hooker

It’s been an amazing tool to use, and our potential clients are really enjoying it!! Our website is on another level now. Kudos for monyta!

Carlos Mora
Carlos Mora

The Sales bot has been a great add-on to my sales Team, we are pre-qualifying leads through our website and boom! .. we get hot leads, ready to close.

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