Create Business workflow diagrams, business ruless and decision tables in an editor designed for business users to love to use.


Execute your workflows,rules and decisions in your custom CRM that are paired with essential applications for process automation projects.


Automate your communication hub, with easy to use Voip, SMS, MMS, Email, Whatsapp automation from end to end


Create and Plan your businss and sales automation with our inbuilt tools, or with our consulting partners.

Welcome to monyta.

Designing your business has often been just a white board exercise. When it comes to the reality your limited by the tools which you have.

Monyta brings together and specialize in making business flow and automation a reality all in one platform. All through simple drag, drop, and click tools. A new way to run your business

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Simple to use

Our business tools allow you to model and design your workflow with simple drag and drop functionality. Providing the information and data flow you need

Highly Modular

With out modular components, you can combine your business logic, communications, automation and more in simple to use UI. With no developer needed.

Plan for your future

All components have versioning and publishing, as your business grows your workflow and needs will growth. Monyta is design to growth as you do.

Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Ready

Monyta can manage from the smallest business to the largest business. Our team is ready to help you as you need

Business Support

Business Support

Need help with desiging your business workflow or technical aspects. Let our team help with our in house consultants and technical team

System Read

System Read

Our easy to us, drag and drop system is ready for you to get started.

Our Best Service

What we offer

Workflow Tool

Design your business workflow, rules and automation to get your business refined and automated. Max the solution

Communication Center

Design and Create your own communication center, purchasing phone numbers, voip, fax, sms, mms, whatsapp and other intergration at a simple click of the button.

Intergration and API generator

Our unique API generator allows the business to design a json API as they need it. Given the flexablity of the system. We impower you to create the APIs you need to work with the systems you need

Frequently asked questions

There is no cost for using monyta, if you use voip or other services you will have to pay for what you use.

A CRM is driven by a specific structure, monyta is designed so you can create your own workflow, data structures, UI, rules and a lot more

Yes, we do. Focusing on business workflow, sales effecency and marketing automation.

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