Improve your ROI by 80% – Web Bot Demo – Duhire Website

We double your leads in 3 months! Guaranteed!

Hey there, let’s quickly go over this demo!

This time we want to show you what is the value that our Web bot can add to your website so that you can increase the conversion of leads from your website:

Our Bot can talk about your product or service in an explanatory and interactive way. So that your client can understand the value you offer to them. You can make the script as simple or complicated as you want
You can sell 24/7, without any excuse in the language you need.

Now, I’d like to mention the functions you have to customize the script for your website. From highlighting an image, to redirecting your users to another page, our editor allows you to create a 100% interactive script, which will allow you to sell creatively!

“The Sales bot has been a great add-on to my sales Team, we are pre-qualifying leads through outbound calling and boom! .. we get hot leads, ready to close.”

Carlos Mora

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