Get Started - With Monyta

Scott Underhill

A quick guide to getting started with monyta

This guide is design to take you through the high level aspects of planning and organising your business from our top down approach. The purposed of this guide is to get you to think about your business and sales to get to a point when you can design your business workflow automation and know what you are optimising your workflow for

Audience Business Owner, Business Manager, Sales Manager

Outcome Understand of business to help model it in monyta

What is your business

Products and Services are just tools for a business, when you think about your business you need to think about about the customer problem. What is the customer problem your business is solving because your product or services is designed about making these problems go away

The more you understand what that customer problem is, the more you can focus on providing value and solving the customer problem.

Example: Working with a factoring company.

A factoring company is a company which provides funds for a business based on their historical sales or based on their future sales. It is important here to make clear, that this is a description about how the companies product works this is different to the customer problem.

The customer problem is different, the customer problems can be many things.

  • I am unable to grow my business, because I do not have enough cash now to do so
  • I need more cash flow, as my expenses are unpredictable
  • I need to pay off some debit which I can not afford now

These customer problems are still at a very high level. Almost at a conceptual level, so we need to work out, where are we going to put the energy in

Going Down to Reality

Designing any aspect of a system on a conceptual level is fine, but it leaves out levels of emotions, human issues, and a reality check.

Example: A Customer Reality.

I am Mr Trucker, asked 45. I have 2 trucks and a team of 2 drivers. I am a very busy, trying to manage my team keep the customers happy, the contracts rolling in as well as driving the trucks full time. I am continually frustrated as I want to grow my business, but there is never a good time. Trying to save money is complex their is all ways an unknown expense. Fixing the trucks, employees sick. I know my business well, I know if I can buy one more truck I can grow my business by 20%, I know if I hire a co-ordinate to manage my operations we will be more efficient.

In the reality, we can see the emotion of the customer problem the frustration as a small business owner and the motivation for the customer problem.

What are your highlevel problems

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What is an example of a customer problem, what emotions are involved

Going Down to Reality
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