Communication Center

The ability to product a complex communication center.
With a simple drag and drop interface

Drag and Drop Communications.

Setting up your companies communication has never been easier.

Purchasing phone numbers, creating a command workflow, automating messaging at a simple click and drag

This includes

  • Ability to set up phones
  • Voice Commands and Recordings
  • SMS and MMS functionality
  • Telegram, Whatsapp and other social media interactions
  • Realtime Routing and Logic
  • Click to Call
  • Transcription

Auto Dialer.

Working with sales people, needing to chase leads, or call new leads. Our embedded auto dialer will call one at a time. With the ability to monitor into sales calls in real time.

Predictive Dialer.

Looking for large lead management, cold calling and running larger campaigns.

Predicative dialer is the complete end to end management tool